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Mar 5, 2012
@ 10:15 pm

Here’s another Just One Story… oldie but goodie, newly remastered for 720p HD. Everybody comfy?

In May of 2010, I had the honor of recording Dianne R. Carr telling her original children’s tale “Dragon Days and Rabbit Ways” (1973), which she describes as “a story about a dragon who finds what no flaming fury has ever revealed — his heart and his imagination.” (This episode was recorded al fresco at the Dairy inside New York City’s Central Park, so please forgive the banging of tables, dishes, and the like.) No dragons, rabbits, or humans were harmed during the taping.

"Dragon Days and Rabbit Ways" ©1990 Dianne R. Carr.
Video ©2010-2012 Dianne R. Carr / Philip David Morgan — Rosegarden Media & Entertainment. 

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