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Nov 8, 2011
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Meet the Gardener

Photo: Diane Wolkstein (Cloudstone).

Yes, I really should introduce myself, shouldn’t I?

My name is Philip David Morgan, and I often call myself a "child of the media," having been born during the rise of broadcast television in the United States (there were only three networks back in 1962).

I’ve been a practicing webmaster since 1996, when I created The Diane Wolkstein Pages as part of my personal website (this was before the Web truly became “bigger than big”). The Pages were really little more than an unofficial "fan site" to promote and celebrate the legendary New York City storyteller and author. But Diana (a close friend of mine since 1993) saw potential in being online, and when her official website was launched in 2000, I was brought on board as webmaster — a role I continue to serve even today.

I did more, however, than become Diana’s official webmaster in 2000: That was also the year I (accidentally) became the audio engineer for her feature–length concert video of Inanna (2000, released 2007). And if you’ve seen the 2007 videofilm Diane Wolkstein: A Storyteller’s Story, please note that some of the footage of her telling Eleanor Farjeon’s “Elisie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep” is mine. (Both videos are available for sale as DVD–Rs from her website.)

And then, in 2009, I ended up taking things one step further: I used a Flip Video camcorder to record what would be the first episode of Just One Story…, an ongoing video series devoted to documenting live storytelling in the raw (no special staging, no video EFX, nothing). To create a home of sorts for the series, I also launched a banner called Promenade Digital [Mediaworks] — a mouthful of a name based on my initials, which I decided ultimately was a tad too vain.

Hence, Rosegarden Television (a/k/a Rosegarden Media and Entertainment), with a new homepage on Tumblr — because media production doesn’t pay all the bills (if any). (Which, in turn, is why I have a no–so–glamorous supermarket job. Part–time, by the way.)

I could say more, but I think it will be better to move onward with tending to the newly-planted Garden. I will have more to say about Just One Story… soon, when I will start posting news about the show along with (remastered) episodes. 

For now, it’s a pleasure to meet you.


Nov 7, 2011
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How will our garden grow?

Welcome to the new home of Rosegarden Television, the new name for the net–studio known until now as Promenade Digital [Mediaworks]. 

Frankly, the old name was more than a mouthful — and not a very poetic one at that — so I thought it was time for a change. And with it comes a small but meaningful change in the studio’s mission.

Rosegarden Television will be entrusted with the same mission held by Promenade Digital — to document culture where and when we find it. The major change is that all of our productions will be optimized for Internet TV services (Mela, Roku e.g.) that incorporate content from either YouTube or Vimeo (or both). If you can access either, you can enter the Rosegarden. Ours will be a channel of sorts — except that you will be able to access our shows whenever you want to, anywhere in the world. You will never be held to following a specific programme schedule.

Just one small detail: We are now also on Tumblr in part because I cannot afford to have a paid website hosting service (we are based in the United States, where the current economic picture is rather sad) and it’ll be necessary to save our money to focus on the content.

But as you will see from more recent (re-)posts, we like Tumblr a lot. And I prefer the blog format, which keeps things simple. Anything new will be straight at the top of the first page. We are still working out the tag system, so be advised that some tags may take you in different directions (so you may want to right-click on them to avoid leaving our site by accident…!).

Thank you for finding us, and do stay tuned as we continue to plant the Rosegarden.

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