Feb 17, 2012
@ 11:33 pm

Well, I do declare!

Not long after the remastered Episode 1 of Just One Story… went live, I received a few notes of concern about, among other things, the Statutory Declaration that begins almost every program we produce.

One visitor asked if the wording seemed a mite “menacing,” even though it wasn’t intended that way. The main concern (in the second card) was that musicians and other artistes featured in our shows be supported by our viewers.

That said, the Declaration is getting a more gentle, viewer-friendly rewrite. It will be more to the point and shorter as well. 

And it will now open each and every one of our shows, as a production practice.

You’ll start noticing the changes as the videos are gradually replaced (the links and embed codes will or should stay the same).

Thank you for being responsive and for your compassion and patience.

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